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As supervisor of heritage planning for the City of Mississauga, I am overseeing my staff on a comprehensive update of the cultural heritage landscape inventory and related policy initiatives, preparing a budget and terms of reference for the city's archaeology management plan, guiding implementation of the new heritage permit review by-law including increased delegated approvals, and finalizing an updated heritage conservation district plan. I also manage and assist my team with work on numerous heritage permits, development applications and heritage grants, while coordinate these tasks with the municipal heritage committee, planning committee and Council.

As a heritage planner with the City of Hamilton's planning department, I tracked the development approvals process, and contributed to secondary plans, the new official plan and further planning initiatives under the Planning Act, its regulations and the PPS. My work on heritage permits, easements and designations under the Ontario Heritage Act, and related grants and loans, allowed me to participate in multi-faceted projects requiring a nuanced balancing of interests, priorities and outcomes. This work also informed me on physical and technical details of materials conservation and restoration. Providing me with a keen understanding of practical solutions. In undertaking of policy and program initiatives in the heritage planning environment I was able to facilitate solutions amongst diverse and competing interests, while achieving sound policy.

At the Province I gained a perspective on the management of cultural heritage within a broader policy context and on the range of cultural heritage administered under the Ontario Heritage Act, Environmental Assessment Act, and other legislation and regulations. In the private sector as a project manager, I identified and meet project requirements for clients and approval authorities, and ensured that fieldwork, reporting standards, budgets and deadlines were met.

Professional Experience:
2018-: As Supervisor of Heritage Planning for the City of Mississauga, I: 2012-2018: As Heritage Planner for the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport (MTCS), I: 2001-2012: As Cultural Heritage Planner for the City of Hamilton, I: 1999-2001: As Geographic Information Systems (GIS) specialist and university lecturer, I: 1997-1999: As a GIS and database consultant to the Ontario government, I: 1993-1997: As Principal Investigator (archaeology) to MM Dillon and Porter Dillon engineering I:



Member of the Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP)
Registered Professional Planner (OPPI)
Ontario Archaeology License (Professional) P-011

Register of Professional Archaeologists (RPA)

Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals (CAHP)
Association of Professional Archaeologists (APA)
Society for American Archaeology (SAA)
Canadian Archaeological Association (CAA)
Ontario Archaeological Society (OAS)


1999 M.A. Anthropology, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario (Dr. Peter Ramsden)
1989 B.A. Honours Anthropology, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario (Dr. Chris Ellis)

Recent Papers and Reports:

2007 Planning Archaeology: Managing Archaeology within a Municipal Context. City of Hamilton City planning staff lecture
2006 Hamilton's Heritage Volume 6: Inventory of Cemeteries and Burial Grounds
2005 Hamilton's Heritage Volume 5: Reasons for Designation under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act
2004 Hamilton's Heritage Volume 4: Inventory of Registered Archaeological Sites
2003 Hamilton's Heritage Volume 3: Canadian Inventory of Historic Building for Hamilton
2004 Archaeology Management under the Environmental Assessment Act. City of Hamilton public works staff workshop
2002 Hamilton's Heritage Volume 2: Inventory of Buildings of Architectural and/or Historical Interest
2002 Hamilton's Archaeology Management Plan. Municipal Heritage Planners workshop
2002 Hamilton's Heritage Volume 1: List of Designated Properties and Heritage Conservation Easements under the Ontario Heritage Act.
1999 Early Post-Glacial Ecology in the Lower Great Lakes. OAS conference paper, Waterloo
1999 The McLeod Site: A Paleo-Indian site in southwestern Ontario. M.A. thesis, McMaster
        University Anthropology Department. Advisor: Dr. C.J. Ellis
1998 Tool Typologies and Site Function in the Paleoindian Horizon: A comparative examination. CAA
        conference paper, Victoria
1997 Internet Applications for the Heritage Industry. CAPHC conference paper, Toronto
1996 Highway 407 Pengilley Site Mitigation: A Late Woodland Occupation. M.M. Dillon CRM Group
1996 Highway 407 Mullet Creek Site Mitigation. M.M. Dillon CRM Group
1996 Bob-Lo Island Ltd. Site Monitoring Report. M.M. Dillon CRM Group
1996 Highway 407 Site Survey Reports. M.M. Dillon CRM Group
1995 Bob-Lo Island Limited West Shore and Freight Dock Sites Reports. M.M. Dillon CRM Group
1995 St. Mary Cement Survey Report. M.M. Dillon CRM Group
1995 Highway 407 Site Survey Reports. M.M. Dillon CRM Group
1995 Leeds-Grenville (Prescott) Landfill Survey Report. M.M. Dillon CRM Group
1995 BFI-Ridge (Blenheim) Landfill Survey Report. M.M. Dillon CRM Group
1995 Wasaga Beach Riverbend Project Burial Mitigation. M.M. Dillon CRM Group
1995 Price Costco Northoway 3 Site: An early Uren Tradition Occupation. M.M. Dillon
1995 Highway 407 Zydeco Site Report. M.M. Dillon CRM Group.
1994 Highway 407 Kipling Interchange: Mitigation of Three Early Archaic Sites. M.M. Dillon
1994 Highway 407 Segment 14B German Mills Creek: Mitigation of an Early Woodland Site. M.M.
        Dillon CRM Group
1994 Bob-Lo Island Partnership Properties: Stage 2 Archaeological Assessment and Limited
        Stage 3 Testing Final Report. Porter Dillon CRM Group


1989-91 McMaster University graduate student scholarship
1990 Ontario Heritage Trust research grant for excavations at the McLeod Site
1989 University of Waterloo Goddard Medal for excellence in Anthropology

Other interests:

Outside of work and archaeology in general, I am an avid cyclist, and am SCUBA certified for advanced open-water (night, search and recover, wreck, navigation, deep-water), with Nautical Archaeological Society Level 1 certification. I am also a licensed Ham and Marine VHF radio operator (VE3 SZZ).

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Joseph Muller
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