Hello, my name is Joe, and I am an archaeologist (Ontario license P-011), as well as a planner (RPP).

I drafted the Archaeology Management Plan for the City of Hamilton, and and keping current with the topic largely from the role as an approval authority.  

As far as non-aministrative archaeology goes, I have several interests/specialties. My academic research focussed on the Paleo-Indian horizon in the Great Lakes region of North America: this is what I did my post-graduate thesis on. Specifically, it was on the dig I conducted at the McLeod site in southwestern Ontario, and the subsequent lithic tool and debitage analyses I carried out. So, yeah, another of my specialties is analysing really small rocks. Outside of that, I have worked on paleoecology (mainly fossil pollen) and geomorphology, as pertains to paleo-landscapes in which paleo-peoples would live.

Resulting from my current work, I'm interested in the management of archaeology too, and participate in a variety of professional fora.

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Joseph Muller
Phone: 416-766-6704, mobile 647-761-2863
37 Saint Marks Road, Toronto, ON M6S 2H5

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